Our clients are Properties such as Town houses, HomeOwners Associations, Condominiums, and Villages.

The main user of Kloudhouse under these clients are the Managers that do the Admin work on behalf of these Properties.

Employees, and Residents will also have their own access to Kloudhouse in order to make use of the features it has to offer (i.e. Booking Reservations, Requesting Services, and Paying their Monthly dues)
KloudHouse strives to keep all information secure from unauthorized access by using SSL encryption on sensitive data. Kloudhouse is hosted by the Amazon Web Services ™ which provides firewall protection to the website servers.
Please see Privacy Policy for more info
For now, you can only access Kloudhouse through the web (preferrably a desktop). A mobile application for Kloudhouse is in the works.
We charge a one-time setup fee and a smalll monthly fee for each unit of the property which is usually reassigned to the association dues of the resident.
Other than that, we also get a small percentage from the online payments done in Kloudhouse. These can also be passed on to the resident as a form of a convenience fee.